Skilled Professional or Workers

For any organization, recruitment is a crucial part of developing and maintaining an effective and efficient team. A good recruitment strategy will cut down the wastage of time and money, which would have incurred for extensive training and development of unqualified resources.

Have you ever thought of, how a recruiter finds the right candidates? Recruiters use different methods to source, screen, shortlist, and select the resources as per the requirements of the organization. Recruitment types explain the means by which an organization reaches potential job seekers.

Community development brings people together. This role requires selfless individuals who are passionate about assisting others

As a community development worker, you’ll help communities to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their local area. You might work with individuals, families or whole communities, empowering them to:

  • Identify their assets, needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities
  • Plan what they want to achieve and take appropriate action
  • Develop activities and services to generate aspiration and confidence.

Community development workers act as the link between communities and a range of other local authority and voluntary sector providers, such as the police, social workers and teachers.

Internal Sources of Recruitment

Internal sources of recruitment refer to hiring employees within the organization internally. In other words, applicants seeking for the different positions are those who are currently employed with the same organization.

At the time recruitment of employees, the initial consideration should be given to those employees who are currently working within the organization. This is an important source of recruitment, which provides the opportunities for the development and utilization of the existing resources within the organization.

Internal sources of recruitment are the best and the easiest way of selecting resources as performance of their work is already known to the organization.

External Sources of Recruitment

External sources of recruitment refer to hiring employees outside the organization externally. In other words, the applicants seeking job opportunities in this case are those who are external to the organization.

External employees bring innovativeness and fresh thoughts to the organization. Although hiring through external sources is a bit expensive and tough, it has tremendous potential of driving the organization forward in achieving its goals.