Health Insurances

Being a student is an exciting time, it might be the first time you move out of home, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and for some, it’s a chance to see the world. So if you’re studying abroad, make sure you’ve thought about International student health insurance. It covers you when you’re studying overseas or if you want health insurance that covers you in more than one country.

When you move somewhere new, things like how much you pay for a filling or the cost of a trip in an ambulance are likely to be far from your mind. But by taking out an international health insurance plan, these costs can be taken care of. And for the worst case scenarios, our health plans also cover hospital stays and evacuation costs.

We’re here for you

With international student health insurance, we’re here for you wherever you are, whenever you need us.

  • Benefits you can use from day one
    We don’t believe you should have to wait to make the most of your plan, so most benefits don’t have a waiting period.
  • Support day and night
    From checking something is covered to making a claim, our team of experts are here to help you 24/7.
  • Need hospital treatment
    Whether you need to be in hospital for a few hours, days or weeks, our plans can cover you.
  • Have a health question
    If you have a medical question you can call our qualified medical team whenever you want.
  • Want a second opinion
    If you’re not sure about a diagnosis or treatment plan we can get you an independent second opinion
  • Accidents and emergencies
    If the unexpected happens your plan can cover the costs of your tests and treatment.

Health Insurance for international students in Australia

After you’ve been accepted by a study program or a university overseas, there’s one mandatory detail you need to take care of before you set off for foreign shores – health insurance. It’s quite a downer after the euphoria of waiting to be accepted by a university of your choice but it’s something you, quite literally, cannot afford to ignore.

The most obvious question you’re confronting is: as an international student, will you need to purchase health insurance? There is no clear-cut answer because it all depends on the government of the foreign country, its health care system and the university you are enrolled with. The systems and policies vary from one country to another, so take some time to study them carefully. For instance, Australia mandate that foreign students take insurance cover.