Employer Sponsored Visa

We at A2B Visa specialize in facilitating visa processing to Australia. Employer sponsored visa is perhaps the most popular form of immigration to Australia on both permanent and temporary basis. As the name suggests these visas are essentially sponsored by employers based in Australia for hiring skilled professionals. Applicants opting for this category of immigration need to furnish work order or employment notification, declaration of sponsorship from employer, and relevant supporting documents of professional qualifications.

Visa Options

Employer sponsored visa in Australia is issued on both temporary and permanent bases, the former with validity of up to four years and the latter beyond that period. In fact temporary visa is often an avenue for securing a permanent visa.

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Temporary Visas

Among the temporary variety, subclass 457 or Business Long Stay Visa is the most sought after. Employers under a same application are able to nominate several candidates for different posts. These sponsored visas are specifically meant for skilled workers and professionals.

An employer for recruiting a group of skilful personnel might apply for ‘Labour Agreements’. These agreements allow Australian employers to hire skilled overseas manpower for their business or manufacturing activity. ‘Service Sellers’ is another class of temporary visa that enables overseas suppliers of goods or services to enter into trade agreements with Australian companies as per terms of GATS (General Agreement of Trade and Services).

Permanent Visa

A permanent visa entitles an immigrant to settle in Australia lastingly. Employer Nomination Scheme allows employers to sponsor skilled overseas professionals for a period beyond four years. Migrants traveling to Australia on an ENS Visa, or Subclass 186 visa is eligible to stay and work in Australia on a permanent basis. A RSM (Regional Sponsored Migration) scheme visa or Subclass 187 allows regional employers or employers in sparsely populated Australian locations to hire skilled professionals from foreign countries. Under ENS or RSMS an immigrant residing on a temporary visa could become a permanent settler in this country.

We at A2B Visa assess individual cases carefully and with sufficient deliberation. We examine each case from all perspectives and determine its merit. Accordingly we begin our documentation and application procedure. Our professionals being thorough and knowledgeable about Australian immigration laws are experts in giving proper advice to applicants. For candidates proceeding to Australia on employer sponsored visa, sponsorship is mandatory, be it from a private employer or a state/ territorial government authority.

Under new economic conditions in this country and the changed job market conditions, the number of Australian employers recruiting immigrant workers and professionals has increased substantially. There has been a steady inflow of skilled immigrants to this country over the last couple of years. We at A2B Visa have been actively involved in this immigration process and take pride in doing so.